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Living the experience of being a farmer for a day

For more than 15 years we have been the first and only educational farm in Puebla that offers interactive and guided tours, theme parties, camps, horseback riding, guided hikes and ecotourism excursions. In each of our tours and workshops we want both children and adults to spend unforgettable moments and live the experience of being farmers for a day.

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Our workshops

At the end of our tour you can enjoy our different workshops where your friends and family will learn more about the life of a farmer.

I mean

  • Cheese Workshop

  • Compost workshop

  • Planting Workshop

  • Mini Veterinary clinic

  • Solar Cooking Workshop

  • Bakery Workshop with Solar Stove

Creating Unique Experiences

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In educational farm the ranchito children and adults you will spend unforgettable moments playing and learning about animals with animals.

I mean

During our workshops, tours, camping, hiking and excursions you will have an assigned rancher who will teach you more about animals and how you will take care of them; It is important to us that both children and adults create awareness about how to care for animals and nature.

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Come and visit the Didactic Farm with your school!

Kinder Garden level  

During their tour the students discover they interact in the animal world by living with more than 115 animals of 17 species that are in the different pens, they are immersed in field activities, knowing the planting, harvesting and production of different foods they consume in his daily life through the thematic workshops of the Farm.

Through the different mechanics designed specifically for them, they promote their cognitive and physical development that will greatly improve their control and coordination skills in outdoor activities.

The training fields to develop in preschool education during your visit to the El Ranchito Didactic Farm are:

  • Mathematical Thinking

  • Personal and social development

  • Physical Development and Health

  • Language and communication

  • Exploration and Understanding of the World

  • Artistic Expression and Appreciation

Elementary School level  

Students will be able to learn to learn, learn, do and learn to live together and will strengthen their knowledge of the different subjects: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, History, the entity where I live, Geography, Spanish and Civic and Ethical Training, addressing the following thematic axes:

  • The importance of caring for non-renewable resources

  • Number Sense and Algebraic thinking

  • Nature and Society

  • Shape space and measure

  • Respect and valuation of biodiversity

  • Environmental Protection

  • Geographical space and maps

  • Knowledge and assessment of food sources and the field

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


Aparta el día para tu escuela siguiendo unos sencillos pasos, al final un granjero te contactará para darle seguimiento a tu reserva. ¡Nos vemos pronto!

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