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Our history


Beyond the year 2000, three great friends, including a veterinary doctor recently completed his master's degree in Europe and with an entrepreneurial vision committed to childhood, youth, ecology, values and respect for animals, came together to create what turned out to be a totally innovative concept called "GRANJA DIDÁCTICA EL RANCHITO", which gave rise to the first Didactic Farm in the city of Puebla, generating enormous interest and great acceptance among the general population.

In February 2001, the El Ranchito Didactic Farm opened its doors to receive school visits, mainly at the preschool and primary levels, since its concept "Live the experience of a living farm" is essential in the formative years of the new generations and is due to the importance that has in the subject of Ecology that its activities favor respectful contact with animals, helping a natural socialization of the child, allowing him to acquire Meaningful Learning, contributing to the construction of his personal values.

In 2011 and at the request of our visitors, it was opened to the public as a Theme Park where, with 10 years' experience, we offer Puebla families and our national visitors as foreigners the experience of being farmers for a day and participating in the activities of a farm from: feeding the different animals, knowing their habits and the contributions they make to us and their importance in our lives, the unique experience of milking a cow, making their own cheese and more than 60 activities that make their visit an experience difficult to forget.


In 2016 we received from SECTUR the National Tourism Registry as a Theme Park , which distinguishes us and motivates us to give our best every day with the sole purpose that our visitors relive this experience on each visit they make to us.

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But above all, the best thing that has happened to us during these 17 years is to meet thousands of children, schools, teachers and families and enjoy together the learning that nature gives us and the knowledge that we sow the seed to form better generations.

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